How Much Should a 15 Year Old Be Able to Bench?


How much a 15 year old (boy or girl) should be able to bench press depends on the size of the child. A 15 year old that weighs 200 lbs will be able bench press more than a 15 year old that only weighs 120 lbs. It is recommended that teenagers keep the reps low now matter how much they are lifting. A 15 year old should keep the reps between 8 - 12 reps per exercise.
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200 if you cant do that your a fanny.
Many people starting a weightlifting program assume that lifting their own body weight should be the immediate goal. Fitness professionals have differing opinions on the amount of
How much a 15 year old can bench press depends on their overall
Lift for yourself and just aim for the best that you can do. Don't let other people tell you how much you should lift, everyone starts somewhere. Personally I bench 70 pound dumbbells
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