How Much Should a Babysitter Charge Per Hour?


The amount of money a baby sitter should charge per hour would depend on different factors like the experience one has, and the number of children you are looking after. In most cases, babysitters charge an amount ranging from £5.50 to £6 per hour.
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I live in a Massachusetts suburb and get paid about $15/Hr. You have to factor in your age and location for rates. Where I come from people pay a lot of money to get older babysitters
Babysitters look after your children while you're away. Babysitters who are very young, have never babysat before, or are working as mother's helpers when a parent is still in the
The average plumber that works for himself makes anywhere from $15.00 an hour to $35.00 an hour. I worked in a union factory and our plumbers, or pipefitters as they liked to be called
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There are a few factors to consider when deciding on a fee for babysitting. A high school kid should charge around $5 for babysitting between the hours of 8am- ...
According to, the average rate paid to a babysitter is $10 per hour. Factors like location, age, experience, the number of children, time of day, activities ...
The hourly rate that a babysitter receives can vary greatly. A babysitter can make more in some areas of the country, and less in others. The amount parents pay ...
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