How Much Should a Babysitter Charge Per Hour?


The amount of money a baby sitter should charge per hour would depend on different factors like the experience one has, and the number of children you are looking after. In most cases, babysitters charge an amount ranging from £5.50 to £6 per hour.
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Babysitters look after your children while you're away. Babysitters who are very young, have never babysat before, or are working as mother's helpers when a parent is still in the
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i say $10 an hour. About 10 dollars an hour. And more if there is more than one child, maybe +2 dollars more per child. So just do 2x+10= outcome(however much you pay per hour) 'x
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How much money a babysitter should make per hour depends on a lot of things. For example, the age of the kids, the time of day you're baby sitting, where you are ...
Depending on your job requirements and expectations, an adult babysitter is likely to expect pay of at least $8 an hour, and perhaps up to $12 or even more an ...
Baby sitting charges will depend on the number of hours and number and age of children and the location. You can however charge an approximate amount of ?3 - ? ...
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