How much should a Beagle weigh?


Beagles that are 13 inches at the shoulder should weigh between 22 and 30 pounds. Those between 13 and 15 inches should weigh up to 35 pounds, according to VetStreet. Beagles live 13 to 16 years.

Beagles are scent dogs that are a popular household pet. They are very smart and need daily exercising, especially with places to sniff. Without going on walks to sniff around, they get bored. Beagles are generally happy dogs with an easy-care coat and compact size. In addition to being a hunting dog, Beagles can be used at airports to sniff out drugs, according to VetStreet.

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18 - 30 pounds at average.
Beagle is a gentle, sweet, lively & curious dog that just loves everyone! Weight is
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