How much should a cat eat each day?


The amount a cat should eat each day depends on several factors such as age, weight and activity level. In order to meet a cat's complex nutrition requirements, the instructions on the food's label should be followed closely.

Commercial cat food is formulated to meet the complex nutrition requirements of felines. While the amount a cat eats does vary depending on the individual cat, the nutrition label on the cat's food gives a good idea of how to estimate the cat's needs based on its weight. Catster explains that the type of cat food also makes a difference in how much the cat should be eating. A high-quality food that doesn't use grain as a filler will have more nutrients than a low-quality food.

Unless a cat is overweight, a cat should be allowed access to food whenever it is hungry. Before limiting a cat's access to food, a veterinarian should be consulted to ensure the cat is getting the nutrients it needs.

Taurine is a special concern when it comes to feline nutrition. VetLord warns cat owners about the dangers of taurine deficiency. Prolonged taurine deficiency can easily lead to severe health problems such as blindness and heart failure.

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How much a cat eats per day will vary according to age, sex, and size, but generally an adult domestic cat will eat 1/2 to 1 cup of dry food, or two cans of canned food, per day.
Different cats have different nutritional needs. According to the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, reading the label is a good first step in determining
That depends on the quality of food and the size, age and activity level of the cat, although measuring food out in pounds is a lot more difficult than using grams. For example, one
From seven months to one year, kittens
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