How much should a Labrador retriever weigh?


The Labrador retriever is a type of gun dog. Males should weigh between 29 to 36 kg while females weigh between 25 to 32 kg. The feature of the breed is webbed paws that are handy for swimming.
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A Labrador usually weighs 70-90 pounds. The females tend to gravitate towards the lower end of the spectrum. The males dogs gravitate towards the upper end.
Teens' weights vary widely depending on several factors. Teens have different body types and develop at different rates, so there is no single weight that is appropriate for every
The normal weight for Labrador Retrievers is 60-75 lbs. Thanks for using ChaCha.
My female lab weighed 20kg at 6months old so probably weighed about 17kg at 5 months. Theres quite a broad range of weights for labradors though. The vet always says my lab is at
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