How much should a used Polly Pocket Mall sell for at a garage sale?


If you are selling a Polly Pocket mall set, I would probably only ask around $8-$10. This is if it is in good condition. People generally only buy things at a garage sale if they get a good deal on them.
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People maybe hesitant to purchase Polly Pockets at a garage sale because of the recalls on some Polly products last year.
I think u should sell it for. maybe 60- 90 bucks. for the games. i would say. 5 or 6 bucks each. I sold mine for 90 bucks but I had a dsi.
I can go to Wally-World and buy a DVR for $20. The home theater is where you can make some money. It depends on what you paid for it. I hope this helps.Good Luck!
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