How Much Should an 8 Year Old Weigh?


An eight-year-old should weigh around 57.2 pounds. This is the average weight for a either a boy or girl. Since weight is relative, calculating their BMI is the most adviseable.
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The average weight for a one year old child is between 18 and 23 pounds depending on the child's height. If you have concerns about your childs weight talk to there doctor.
54 - 76 pounds.
Preschool children vary considerably in body build. Four-year-old children falling between the 5th and 95th percentiles weigh approximately 30 to 45 lbs. according to the U.S. Centers
This question needs to be answered by the teenager and her parents. For some families, it is necessary for the teenager to start working in order to cover part of her expenses or
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The average 8-year-old girl in the US weighs 67.7 pounds. The average boy of that age weighs 69.3 pounds.
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