How Much Should I Charge for Overnight Pet Sitting?


The rates that people charge to pet sit vary depending on how many pets and what the animal requires. For overnight pet sitting between $20.00-$35.00 is reasonable. If there is more than one animal you could add an additional $5 or $10 dollars.
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$35 is more than fair. A kennel would charge more, and the dog would be just that.kenneled. This is from personal experience. If it is just one night $35. Then, if it is more, you
Never make the price negotiable and adjustable. If you want to be a professional pet sitter or even a do it as a hobby yet be taken seriously.
Determining a fee is a personal matter. You should consider how many
Rate depends on certain factors - Cats - $14 per cat per day is the average rate. Small Dog - $12 per day Medium Dog - $17 per day Large Dog - $23 per day Any other special care is
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