How Much Should I Charge to Build a Website?


The amount you charge to build a website depends on how long it is going to take you to build the website. Most people that are self-employed, charge by the hour when building websites. You will have to decide how much your time is worth. Typically, a person will charge between $15 and $25 per hour to build a website. You can also charge a base price based on how long you think it will take you to build the website.
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How Much Should I Charge to Build a Website?
How much you charge to build a website depends on a number of factors. How difficult is the website to put together (that is, do you have to have specialized knowledge or training)? Will you be designing the site as well as coding it? Will you be... More »
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1. Use blogging software like or This option is quick, and offers the simplest interface, but the options available are very limited. 2. Gather the elements
To build websites, you used to need to know a programming language called HTML. Well, no longer! Now you can use Webs. They'll let you design your own site right inside your browser
Different designers may charge a different amount for the same work, and each designer will likely charge different amounts for different projects. The amount may depend on: The designer's
How much does it cost to build a website? has a good answer to your question. To quote Mark Nutter's answer regarding your specific scenario $100-400 will get you a largely static
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