How Much Should I Charge to Tutor?


It really depends on your age, skill and qualifications. On average though a tutor will charge $30-$50. Some tutors also charge depending on if the come to you or if you go to them because of gas prices.
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Video Transcript. How much to charge for tutoring. How much to charge for tutoring depends on mostly the length of time, as far as I know. That is the one thing that determines my
Tutoring charges vary with subject matter. Math tutors earn the most at a start rate of $40 per hour. General subjects such as Englist Literature, History and Science usually bring
The best place to find an online tutor is is a great free resource for tutoring. It is gimmick free and is ran by
High School level tutors are generally at a disadvantage, because most clients (the parents of grade school students in need of tutoring), prefer someone older - a college graduate
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If you are a certified teacher you will be able to charge more for tutoring than if you are a college student or non-certified tutor. The going rate in one area ...
Generally, the hourly rates that are charged to tutor children is between $15 and $100 an hour (as of March 2013). How much you charge will depend on your experience ...
The amount to charge to tutor a third grader in New Mexico depends on how you look at it. Many people nowadays do not have alot of money. Are you doing it to help ...
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