How Much Should I Pay a Housekeeper Per Hour?


How much you should pay a housekeeper per hour depends on the type of work you will having them do. As of 2013, in the United States the going rate is between $10 and $20 per hour. Where you live and how much experience the housekeeper has is a factor in how much you pay your housekeeper. Also, if the job entails heavy lifting or more than just housekeeping (cooking, laundry, babysitting), then you will want to pay more than you would for someone that just has to sweep and mop.
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Comprising one of the largest number of jobs, housekeepers keep houses, hospitals, stores, hotels and apartments spic and span. They perform such duties as vacuuming, polishing furniture
They get payed based on salary, not hourly.
$40 per hour is a good rate! Usually takes about 4 hours. Windows and laundry might be more. : Probably depends on what your
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