How much should I pay for my childminder?


Most childminders charge an hourly, daily or weekly fee. They charge according to the number of children they look after and the number of hours they work. Most of them charge £3.61 to £5.02.
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When I first had my son my sister looked after him for me whilst I went back to work. But then she moved away and I had to find a childminder. I nearly fell over when they told me
I live in the USA and I care for two year old twins in their home. I work 42 1/2 hours per week and I make $11.50 per hour. My weekly pay is $490. but they usually just round it up
Thats swings and roundabouts a bit though Dris, my mum and dad put us in childcare with a registered chilminder it was 50 p an hour for me and 75p an hour for my brother. She never
Childminders are self-employed so, to some extent, can set their own fees. There is no set rate. However, as a guide, the current typical cost for a full-time place for a child under
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The amount of money that you should pay a childminder will depend on the location, number of children and length of time. According to the Daily trust, you should pay between £135 and £400 per week for a full-time place for your child with a childminder.
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