How Much Should I Pay for Piano Lessons?


Individual piano lessons are £15 per half hour depending on your region. Piano lessons can last from 30 min to several hours depending on the age, aims and frequency. You should find an appropriate instructor for what you are willing to pay.
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Piano lesson costs will vary depending on the teachers qualification. Typically you can look to paying between $15-$35 for a 30 minute lesson. If the teacher has a masters degree or better, then the cost will double for a half hour lesson. You can find more information here:
How much you should pay for piano lessons depends largely upon your location and the going rate in your area. I would recommend contacting your local music store. They usually have a list of local music teachers. Contact a few teachers close to you and compare their rates and experience. It's a good idea to ask for references as well.
Piano lessons would cost you around thirty five dollars for a teacher who doesn't have a degree in music. I would expect to pay a maximum of seventy five dollars if you find a highly trained teacher.
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