How Much Should I Pay for Used Furniture?


The amount you should pay for used furniture is based on the manufacturer, age, and condition of the furniture. You should not pay more then fifty percent of the original price if the furniture is used. There are numerous online web pages that sell used furniture.
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A great place to sell used furniture, is online marketplaces. Your local newspaper may have a classified section, or there may be a local online classified marketplace, where you
1. Go to Help1up's furniture bank locater (see Resources) Type in your zip code and the donation facility closest to you will pop up. Click on its link to get the details. These details
To price used furniture, you could visit some used furniture stores or flea markets in your area. Check prices for similar furniture. Checking prices could give you an idea on prices
1. Prepare the furniture. Though not a requirement of many donation organizations, clean the furniture while removing any obvious instances of dirt and debris. In addition, remove
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