How Much Should I Pay My Babysitter?


Depending on your job requirements and expectations, an adult babysitter is likely to expect pay of at least $8 an hour, and perhaps up to $12 or even more an hour if you live in a major city. Laundry or other additional household duties may be extra.
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1. Ask friends how much they pay their babysitters. This will give you an idea of the going rate in your area. Rates will likely vary among high school and college students, versus
1. First off, consider the age of the sitter. Is she/he in middle school? High School? College? The older the sitter is, the more they are typically paid. This is simply due to the
some are pay half now and the rest when they come back or pay up front.
If your babysitter is young and you have only one child, you may be able to
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The amount one should pay a babysitter depends on where he or she lives, number of children needing care, the ages of the children, details surrounding care expectations and the duration of babysitting. One should also consider the age and experience of the babysitter. Some babysitters do charge a higher rate for working after some agreed time.
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The amount of money a baby sitter should charge per hour would depend on different factors like the experience one has, and the number of children you are looking ...
The average rate to pay a baby sitter is about ?5 an hour, this is after the recent increment. For instance, a standard four-hour shift for a babysitter now costs ...
How much money a babysitter should make per hour depends on a lot of things. For example, the age of the kids, the time of day you're baby sitting, where you are ...
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