How Much Should I Pay To Have My Lawn Mowed?


How much you are charged to mow a lawn mostly depends on where you live, current economic status and the person being hired to mow the lawn. However, paying an average of $30 weekly is not bad at all. The typical size of the lawn also matters for the bigger it is the higher the cost will be. If you hire mowing services from professionals they can charge you up to $50 for each time they come to mow your lawn. The advantage is aside from mowing, they will do other extras services to keep your lawn in great shape.
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The price you should pay to get your lawn mowed does vary. It depends on the size of your lawn. The prices usually vary for $20.00 - $50.00.
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The size of your lawn is the biggest influence of cost, since the larger lawn you have, the more time it takes to mow. For example, a small lawn under 5,000 square-feet costs around
It really all depends. If you are just a teenager trying to earn money then a basic $40 or what ever the person and you can agree on. If you have a little more experience, it's more
If you are skilled enough and dont frequently mow over flowerbeds, it can make a couple thousand during the summer, and i would charge about $15-25 depending on the size of someones
The average cost of lawn care services in the USA should about $30 per
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