How much should I tip the paperboy at Christmas?


How much you should tip the paperboy at Christmas depends on whether or not you tip throughout the year. If you tip all year long, you can give a smaller amount. If you do not tip throughout the year a larger amount. A good tip is anything from $10.00 up to $25.00.
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You may have never even seen your paper boy. Tips are a thank-you for a job well done, but it may feel strange tipping your paper boy at Christmas when you have most likely never
I think the first thing you need to think about is that delivering papers is part of the service industry. If you have special requests like you want it thrown on the porch, take
It is one thing for a child to see a dress up Santa in a department store; it is another to see Santa come to their house. Children are critical though, if you are going to do it
The following site gives you an idea about how much to tip.…. But with the economy, give what you can afford.
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