How Much Should I Weigh for My Height and Age?


The ideal weight for an individual's height and age is determined using the BMI Index. However, the normal range should be between 18.5 and 25 for the BMI. To learn more, visit this link .
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A good way to assess your weight is to calculate your body mass index (BMI). BMI takes into account not just your weight, but also your height to indicate body fat. The goal for most people: a BMI that's over 18 and under 25.
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The norms vary for men, women and children, now it even depends on your ethnic background. Two persons of the same height can weigh differently and both be considered average or normal
Weight is related to height and body composition. (rather than just age) So, there is no predetermined answer about what you should weigh. In fact, body weight is a misleading measure
1. Find a growth chart online for the gender you are looking for. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides clear and accurate growth charts for both boys and girls.
It depends if you are male or female. For men
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Your weight to height ratio is greatly determined by your gender. The easiest way to find out the right weight for your height is calculating your body mass index ...
You should weigh between 120-133 pounds if you stand at 5.6' at the age of 13. The average 13 year old weighs between 90-105 pounds, but they are also only about ...
How much you should weigh for your height depends on your height. You should also take into account your age and gender. It is natural for someone who is older ...
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