How Much Should It Cost to Replace a Wheel Bearing on a 1998 Subaru Outback?


A wheel bearing for the 1998 subaru outback cost around 80 dollars for the part. Then you are looking at around 200 dollars in labor to have it placed on the vehicle.
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If you go to a normal shop, the parts are rarely the issue. Clutch jobs run from $600-800 depending on the reputability of the shop and the area of the country you are in. Always
To replace the windshield on a 1998 Subaru
only a certified technician should replace a steering wheel because of the air bag.
Seems like it should only be $100 to $200. The bearings themselves are only about $20, grease seal is about $5, there are only 2, and it only takes about a half hour to do. But while
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It should cost anywhere between $300-500 to replace a wheel bearing on a Chevolet Blazer depending on the shop that does the repair. This is not a simple procedure ...
The replacement cost for a front wheel bearing for a 1998 Chevy S10 is around $109.95. It comes as a complete assembly kit and includes everything you will need ...
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