How Much Should It Cost to Replace Spark Plugs and Wires on a Toyota Tacoma?


The cost to replace spark plugs and wired on a Toyota Tacoma, on average is anywhere between $60.00 - $50.00. If you know a little bit about car mechanics, it can be done on your own.
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1. Turn the engine off and allow it to cool. Never work on a Toyota Tacoma engine while it is still warm. Locate the spark plug cover on the engine. On some Toyota Tacoma engines,
Spark plug wiring diagram for a 1999 tacoma pickup V6
Under the hood of the car, you will see 4 tubes (common) Pull them out and where they were you will see spark plugs inside, and just replace them. It's that simple :
Its not that hard to do you just need to make sure the correct wire goes to the correct plug and the correct location on the distubitor cap . You should also replace the cap and rotor
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