How Much Should It Cost to Replace the Engine in a 2001 Ford Focus?


I have pulled many a motor and can tell you that you are looking at a bit of money. A 2001 Ford Focus rebuild or replacement will be at a minimum 1900 dollars depending on where you go to rebuild it. I would shop around and then look at the value of the vehicle as it may not be worth the cost to fix.
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1. Apply the car's parking brake and loosen the lug nuts on both front wheels. Raise the front end, support it on axle stands, and remove the wheels. 2. Pry the brake caliper's retaining
About $1000 each.
1 Jack up front of car, put car on lift, or drive car up ramps Ad 2 Put Wheel chocks on rear wheels
It is about a $250 to $300 repair at most
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