How Much Should You Pay a House Sitter?


House sitters watch over your home, pets and belongings. You should pay your house sitter at least $40 per day plus a tip if you feel they did a great job.
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1. Decide if you will hire a friend or visit a website with house sitter databases. You can choose an informal route by asking a friend, student or young adult to be a house sitter.
When you go out of town, hiring a house-sitter can be a good way to ensure that your house, pets and possessions stay safe. But like any service, house-sitting generally requires
Accordingly to how many pets you have.Starting at $25.00 a day. If you provide some of their food? Walking the the "litter box:out. A bird? If no pets then $25.00
Hi all.... I am going on vacation and have a friend that is going to stay in my place while I am gone to care for my two dogs. She is looking forward to having a house to herself
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