How Much Snow Did We Get?


The amount of snow you received will depend on many factors. These include your location, the date, and the weather. You could check with a local news agency, as they keep track of weather information.
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Can't say for sure. Greensburg, PA is 48F & clear. No snow in the forecast for entire month of
HI weatherman: It will be what it will be of course. And it could be, could be a real chiller and the storm will be one to remember for sure: Just as the ice storm was a real iceage
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It is difficult to determine how much snow you got today without knowing the area. You can read the local detailed forecast for the day to find the information ...
The amount of how much snow that fell in the blizzard of '78 depends on where we are talking about. There were actually two notable blizzards in the year 1978. ...
That one is really a difficult one to answer. This is because snow comes in different textures and weight. If it is regular powder snow, an inch of rain would ...
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