How Much Snow Did We Get Today?


It is difficult to determine how much snow you got today without knowing the area. You can read the local detailed forecast for the day to find the information. You can also watch the local news.
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Check out the related link for a snowfall map; it was comparable to the Feb 5-6, 2010 blizzard.
The snow and sleet accumulation tonight in Maryville Illinois will be 2
In the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes,the great blizzard of 78 dropped 28.28. The one in the northeast dumped 27.1 inches of snow on Conn, RI, and Mass! Brrr!
Saginaw, Mi has reported 4 inches of snow on the ground in
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The amount of snow you received will depend on many factors. These include your location, the date, and the weather. You could check with a local news agency, ...
One way to find out how many inches of snow you got for today is to watch the news. You could also check your local news channel's website. The website should ...
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