How Much Snow Did We Get Today?


It is difficult to determine how much snow you got today without knowing the area. You can read the local detailed forecast for the day to find the information. You can also watch the local news.
Q&A Related to "How Much Snow Did We Get Today?"
About 13" although there were reports of about 20" up around Quincy.
The snow and sleet accumulation tonight in Maryville Illinois will be 2
In the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes,the great blizzard of 78 dropped 28.28. The one in the northeast dumped 27.1 inches of snow on Conn, RI, and Mass! Brrr!
I have to give it to EKU, their roads are way better than any roads in Richmond. I can understand why EKU didn't cancel because of finals. I'm glad they did give us an extra two hours
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