How Much Snow Equals One Inch of Rain?


That one is really a difficult one to answer. This is because snow comes in different textures and weight. If it is regular powder snow, an inch of rain would equal out to be about one foot.
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The most common conversion used is that 10 inches of snow will melt to
Depends on a few things, but the general rule of thumb would be around 12 feet of snow. And no, don't go saying "if only all this rain would have been snow we would have had
The commonly accepted value is 10" of snow = 1" of rain. Not only is the water contained in each snowflake expanded due to its temperature, the shape of the snowflake prevents
Typically, 10 inches of melted snow is equivalent 1 inch of rain. The figure can actually vary quite widely, based on whether the snow is dry or heavy and wet.
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