How Much Snow Fell Last Night?


How much snow fell last night would depend on what area in the world you are inquiring about. For example in Pennsylvania there was no snow that fell last night however the conditions are very cold.
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The total snow fall for Mansfield , OH. was 0.05". Thanks for using
In January 2008. It was the first time in memory. Residents said they do get sleet, but never proper snow.
According to Accuweather, 0 inches of snow fell yesterday and today in Anchorage, AK.
Well, I live in Madison Wisconsin and we got around a foot. It's a day from hell today. Hope that gives you an estimate of how much snow we all got. Source(s) Live in the Midwest.
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To determine the amount of rain that fell last night, a zip code is required. Some parts of the country are still in a drought. ...
About 27 to 29 inches of snow can fall. A blizzard actually could last about 30 hours. Any of the snow drifts can be up to 15 feet high. ...
The amount of how much snow that fell in the blizzard of '78 depends on where we are talking about. There were actually two notable blizzards in the year 1978. ...
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