How Much Spaghetti Do I Need to Feed 30 People?


Given the average family dinner is about 16 servings of spaghetti, to feed 30 people (30 servings), a cook would need 3 and 3/4 pounds of pasta. However, if there are other items on the menu, this could be smaller. A single serving may not be enough either, so it is recommended to double the recipe to 7 pounds even.
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1. Gather a small group of people who can take charge of certain aspects of the spaghetti feed such as organizing the kitchen, renting the hall, distributing fliers, selling dinner
Here is your answer! And a recipe for 100 guests : SPAGHETTI AND MEAT-SAUCE FOR 100. Makes 22 quarts sauce. 1 1/3 cups olive oil. 12 cups minced onion (24 medium onions) 24 cloves
For 30 people I would suggest
It depends on your preference but approximately you can put 3 pounds (1.3 kilograms) of lean ground meat to a spaghetti. Yum!
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