How Much Time Do U Have to Serve in Prison on a Habitual 15 Year Sentence?


You'd probably have to serve 10 years in prison on a habitual 15 year sentence. This is based on 5 good days a month, and 5 days a month working as a trustee. It's most likely that you'd get paroled before then.
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It depends on the laws of the state and the severity of the crime,In some states a person can be paroled after serving 3 years of a 15 year sentence,In some states a person can be
Penal Code 4019 is what controls good time/work time credits for county jail in CA. It used to be 50% however the law was just amended and now states for any offenses that occur on
It means he will be locked up for either 15yrs,or twenty no parole,very sorry to here that.
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it really depends on the behavior of the inmate and the type of crime as well. but if is reduced it goes from no lower that 75% of the time and it depends if he ...
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