How Much Time Will I Take off from Work for a Tubal Ligation?


You will need between 3 to 5 days off from work after having a tubal ligation. Most patients are up walking around after about 24 hours. The woman can return to light daily activity after about 2 days.
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A tubal ligation is a permanent birth control, for women. It is a procedure where the womens' fallopian tubes are severed or pinched, to avoid fertilization. Look here for more information
It is also referred to as "tying your tubes" and is a procedure popular with women who have already had children or are sure they do not want more children. Women who have
1. Decide how you will pay for the reversal of your tubal ligation. The procedure can cost up to $14,000, according to physician database Locate A Doc, and most insurance companies
1. Research those surgeons that perform tubal reversal procedures. 2. Get the surgeon's credentials as well as how many and what kinds of reversals have been performed. 3. Ask about
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