How Much to Charge for Office Cleaning?


The amount to charge on office cleaning can be based on number of cleaners, office or business size, competition and cost of supplies. Typical rates are £18.8 to £25. You can use the office cleaning calculator at to work out the cost of office cleaning.
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1. Research standard-industry rates. Typically, a commercial cleaning service will be paid by the hour or the amount of space it cleans on regular basis. Contact other companies and
1. Start reading about all it online, and make a go for it. Ad. 2. Be aware that you will make your share of mistakes, but take care to correct them. You cannot afford to be the WalMart
My wife & I used to do an office together for a kitchen cabinet company. We were paid $ 85.00 for the 2 hours it took us. As far as post construction homes, you'll need substantially
here in AZ about .40 a square foot. The price for carpet cleaning can vary greatly from city to city and depending on the level of service offered. Most cities it ranges from $30
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