How Much to Charge for Sewing?


When it comes to charging for sewing, there are many factors to consider, and this makes it very difficult to determine an exact amount because there is no formula to use. When you price your items, you have to take into consideration all the costs involve in making the product. The best way to arrive at an amount to charge is identifying your cost. Look at the time it will take to finish the sewing. Decide if you're an expert in the sewing field or an amateur and your service compared to your competitors. List all your overhead expenses including rent, electricity, material, office supplies etc. Your income you receive should be sufficient to cover all your expense. The main thing when it comes to pricing is do not underprice yourself. You can find more information here:
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How much you should charge for sewing, depends on what you are doing exactly, and how much of your time it is taking up, and how much, if any, of your own money you're spending.
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