How Much to Charge to Paint a Room?


When determining how much to charge to paint a room, it is important to know the size of the room and what kind of paint the customer would like to have. It will also depend on where in the world, or country you live.You may wish to learn what other painters in your area charge, and make your estimate from there. You can find more information at
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To paint your room first you will need to head over to your nearest home improvement store to pick out your perfect color. While you are there you can also talk to one of the paint
1. Visit the local paint supply store and find out which brands of paint are sold. Write down the different brands and how much flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss paints
Painting an entire room-ceiling, walls and trim-doesn't need to be the daunting task you once thought. With the right tools and some helpful hints, you'll be painting like you've
Generally, the cost of your paint + 50% Add this to an average labour cost times the hours it will take you and any helper. Finally, add any profit you may feel necessary.It's impossible
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The amount to charge to paint a room will vary on the room. You will want to consider if you have to move furniture, lay tape down, use a roller or sprayer, if ...
How much to charge depends on the size of the room, the walls and corners, how high the room is, and if you will have to move furniture, etc. For a small bathroom ...
Where are you located? If you're in or around Chicago, and you're looking to hire a painter.look into DreamWorks Painting and ...
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