How Much to Install Central Air in 1000 SQ FT House with Vents?


Installation costs to install central forced air in a house consisting of 1000 square feet vary greatly. You expect to pay around 1200 to 2000 dollars.
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It would depend on whether you already have forced-air heat in your home. If you have a forced air furnace, all you need to do is add the coil and compressor. It wouldn't take much
Canada or USA ? Maybe about $3 grand for a ton & a 1/2. If you need to put it in a spot that would be a noise nuisance, you can purchase a ultra quiet model for over $5 grand.
Approx $1000 - $1200 if you are going to use good branded products. Any normal product can cost around $800. Source(s)
Our quotes ranged from just under 7000 to over 9000 for (um) around 1600 square feet. You'll want a separate unit for each floor- one unit would be way overworked trying to equalize
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To put in a HVAC system, or central air system, in a 900 square foot home would cost you about $1500 for the system not including the labor to install it. On average ...
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