How Much to Paint a Car Roof?


Depending on the size of the vehicle the fair price range should be anywhere from $200 - $500.
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1. Wash the roof of your car to rid it of any dirt or dust. You may need to use grease remover for any stubborn areas. The paint will not bond properly to your car if the surface
This site. has good information on do it yourself roof chopping.
Learning how to paint a car might not be for everyone, but with patience and attention to detail, you can create a finished product that will rival the pros. A quality paint job can
1. Park the car in the driveway (over a large plastic mat) and not in the garage. Some may wonder why you wouldn't use the shelter of the garage against the outdoor elements? Residential
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It depends on on the kind of car it is. ChaCha on. ...
It depends on on the kind of car it is. ChaCha on. ...
Painting a car can get pricey if you plan on using custom paint or custom designs. A basic paint job will only cost a few hundred dollars. ...
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