How much do you pay a housekeeper?


You can pay a housekeeper a set price or a per hour price. As of 2013, if you pay per hour, you can expect to spend between $10 and $20 for each hour they work. If you pay a set price, the average rate for a 900 square foot apartment is between $75 and $200 dollars. The bigger the house, the more it will cost you to have it cleaned. There may be an extra charge for extra jobs such as laundry, storage buildings, or windows.
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As with any pay rates - this depends on the location, the currency and the particular employer.
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My housekeepers come every other week and I pay $80.00. My home is about 2700 sq ft, and before I got hard wood floors they only charged $70.00, but there is more involved in maintaining
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The average salary for a housekeeper in the United Kingdom is £16,384. Most housekeeping jobs are of a managerial nature, as the housekeeper helps in keeping and maintain order in the house and making sure everything is where it supposed to be and that the house is operating optimally.
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