How much does it cost to post a DVD?


First class mail is the best rate to use when the package is less than 7 ounces. Therefore, cost of package between 4 and 5 ounces will cost 1.42 Euros and the cost of 5 and 6 will cost 1.54 Euros. If you use swapa DVD printed postage one gets a discount of 0.10 Euros. All packages over 7 ounces should be sent via Media Mail rate which vary by pounds which costs 1.67 Euros per pound.
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The amount of space on a DVD will vary, as there are many different sizes and styles of DVDs available. A basic single sided DVD is designed to hold 4.7 gigabytes of data.
The size of a DVD is determined by the length of the spiral. The coding in the spiral is read by a laser, which is accurate enough to distinguish individual lines in the grooves.
$29.95 aud but i recomend not to buy it.
It depends. Some are bought outright, some are done in partnership with studios. Under the first-sale doctrine, if you buy a DVD (at whatever price) you can lend it, rent it, bend
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