How Much to Renew British Passport?


To renew a British Passport, make online application on the Identity and Passport Service website. Submit your details and you will be contacted when ready. You can also make an application at a Post Office branch that offers the Passport Check & Send service.
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1. Download and print a passport application from the U.K. High Commission Wellington website. If you are over age 16, you will need Form C1. Complete the application using black
£72.50 for an adult and £46 for child ( under 16 ) NOTE Post Office check and return only costs £8.25 NOT £20 !
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if you find yourself with an expired passport and in the midst of traveling plans . Passports are a great tool to have: they allow you to not only travel the world but also prove
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One can renew a British passport with the Identity and Passport service UK. One needs to acquire a passport application renewal form or fill the application online. They will need to attach their photo, sign the application fees and mail the application to IPS for a paper based application.
The cost of renewing a British passport depends on the age. For example, the renewal cost of an adult British passport is around ?77.50 while for a child is around ?49.00. All renewal is the same as if you are acquiring a new passport.
The cost of a British Passport Renewal is approximately £72 for postal application. On average, there is a 3-week turnaround time to receive your new passport.
Renewing a British passport of an adult of 16 plus will be charged £77.50 for normal service of three weeks delivery by post, £112.50 for one week service, £129.50 for one day premium services. Find the cost chart on government site:
To renew a British passport you will require £77.50 for the normal service by post which will get to you within three weeks, for one week service, you will be charged £112.50 and for one-day premium service you will have to pay £129.50. For more details and costs visit the direct government site:
To renew an adult's British Passport will cost around £77.50. This price is for the standard service.
Renewal of a passport costs £77.50 for standard service and £112.50 for the one-week Fast Track Service. If you were born on or before 2 September, 1929, your passport is free of charge, but you will need to pay the extra fee for Fast Track services. Passports can be used as a document of national identity, as well as an aid to travel.
To renew a British passport, you will have to approach passport issuing authority in UK. You will have to fill passport renewal form and pay the required fees. For more information and to renew your British passport online, visit the DirectGov website at
The Identity and Passport Service is responsible for granting UK passports and for the registration of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales. It is an executive agency of the Home Office.
Please proceed to the immigration offices that you'd be able to renew your British passport .
To renew a 32 page British passport, you need 77.50. You can call the passport advice line on 0300 222 0000 and ask them to send it to you by Post
To renew a British passport, you need to apply for a renewal over the online service or send in an already filled renewal form. Passport renewal is conducted by the Identity and Passport Service department of the Home office. If you live abroad, access the UK High commissioner or Embassy to assist you with password renewal. For detailed information on renewing your passport, visit:
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