How Much Video Can a 2gb SD Card Hold?


A 2 Gigabyte SD card can hold between 20 and 45 minutes of video depending on the quality. In Fine mode, it can hold 20 minutes. In Normal mode, it can hold 30 minutes. In Economy mode it can hold up to 45 minutes of video.
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The WMV (Windows Media File) format is common for shorter video files. Based on how long the video is and the quality of the image itself, a 2GB memory card can hold between one and
Depends on the quality of the video, but a 2gb sd card should
Well, I think it depends on the type of camera, what type of video file it is saved as, etc. Try looking at the manufacturer website where you got the camera or memory card.
2Gb Sd card usually holds up to 4800 pictures (JPEG)
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How Much Video Can a 2GB SD Memory Card Hold?
With computing technology becoming smaller and smaller, floppy disks and even CDs are starting to be replaced by thumb drives, flash drives and memory cards. Many people use these forms of storage to transfer photos from a camera to a computer, or movies... More »
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The amount of video that a two gigabyte SD card can hold will depend on many variables such as high and low quality as well as compression rate and whether or not there is audio in it. It should hold about forty minutes of video.
How much video a 2GB card can hold is impossible to answer not knowing the size of the videos or the format of the videos saved. One wmv video can be 300 mb in size while an avi of the same clip can be 180 mb or an flv copy like those on YouTube can be 40 mb''s in size. A good guess not knowing those factors would be anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the format of the video. If you want a ton of clips on there go with MP4 or FLV if you decide to convert the vids to smaller size to hold more.
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