How Much Vitamin C in An Orange?


There is approximately 60 milligrams of Vitamin C in an average sized orange. This amount is the majority of the recommended daily intake amount for a healthy adult, which is 75-90 milligrams per day.
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1 medium size orange has about 70mg of vitamin C. A 1/2 cup of raw, chopped red pepper provides approximately 95mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C can be rapidly degraded when exposed to
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They have 70 mg Vitamin 6 based on a average fruit size. ChaCha!
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Cara Cara Oranges - Fresh Specialty Fruits
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1 medium orange (140.0g)
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Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and can be found in various fruit and vegetables to include: oranges, strawberries, lemons, kale and mustard greens. The amount ...
Some of the benefits of oranges are the they contain vitamin C which protects sperm from genetic damage that may cause birth defects. They also inhibit anti-inflammatory ...
The amount of juice from an orange depends in part how ripe it is and it's size. In one ripe, medium orange, which weighs one third to one quarter of a pound, ...
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