How Much was a Gallon of Gas in 1978?


With gas prices on the rise because of high oil cost, in 1978 the price for a gallon of gas was only about .60 to .62 cents. That's a great number compared to what we pay today for gas.
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67 cents per gallon.
A regular gallon of gasoline in 1978 was 63 cents. A first class postage stamp was
The price of gas these days is hard estimate. Prices are jumping up and down on a daily basis. Here are a couple of sites that may help and
the Exxon i worked at it was .48 for regular and .53 for super but both of themwere leaded unleaded had just came out and had not caught on at that time.i worked there during the
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Anywhere between .48 and .63 cents per gallon. ...
The cost of a gallon of gas in 1978 was about $00.63. The price did fluctuate just like it does today. However, that was the national average for the year. ...
59 cents a gallon. ...
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