How much was a postage stamp in 1991?


According to the United States Postal Service, in 1991 a first-class postage stamp cost 29 cents. This price was implemented on Feb. 3, 1991 and remained in effect until the rate increased to 32 cents on Jan. 1, 1995.

First-class postage cost 2 cents in 1885. The price fluctuated in subsequent years, but did not exceed 5 cents until 1968. Since the 1960s, postage stamp rates have increased by a few cents every few years.

As of January 2014, a postage stamp costs 49 cents. This marks an increase of 3 cents from the previous price of 46 cents in 2013.

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Postage stamps are $42 and increase an extra $02 for First Class mail. Stamps can be bought online as well as at your local United States Postal Service.
It cost 29 cents for a first class stamp in 1991.
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Currently the price of a first class postage stamp is 42 cents. The...
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