How Much was Gas in 1990?


The cost of unleaded gasoline in 1990 was roughly $1.16 USD per gallon. Quite a big difference between the almost $2.50 USD per gallon that we pay on a daily basis!
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In the United States, it was about $1. 10 for a gallon of gas in 1990. Currently, that would equal about $1. 75 per gallon if you figure in inflation.
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The price of gasoline in 1990 fluctuated between $1.39 a gallon and $1.70 per gallon. Wouldn't it be great if the price today was anywhere near that?
In 1990 gas cost about $1.10 for one gallon of regular gas.
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$1.341 was the average U.S. gas prices as of December 1990 (prices
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Two decades ago, the cost of a gallon of regular unleaded fuel was about half what it was in 2010. By the end of 1990, gas had reached a high of $1.34 per gallon ...
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