How much was John Lennon worth?

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£18 English pounds'...
John Lennon question: What was john lennon's net worth? His personal fortune was
Can't say exactly . - just checkout that link. I hope here you can get some ideas. all d best : Source(s)
Pair of John Lennon's glasses were sold recently (July 2005) on auction for 97,000USD or 52,588GBP. Lennon had a piano in his New York flat go for 245k
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Born in Liverpool, England in 1940, Lennon collaborated with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to form the rock group, the Beatles. He wrote many songs, such as "Imagine," played guitar and keyboard, produced records and films and appeared in films, such as "Hard Days Night" and "Help!" John Lennon was shot to death in 1980 outside his apartment building in New York City.

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