How Much Was John Lennon Worth?

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His personal fortune was estimated at $150 million by the fall of 1980, before his death; most of his investments were in real estate and organic farming. (Tarot reader John Green's_n...
John Lennon question: What was john lennon's net worth? His personal fortune was
1. Sing from the heart. One definitive way to get a feel for how John Lennon sings, is to sit down and listen to his words and the feelings behind them. There is always a strong sense
Although he pled guilty, Lennon's assassin appears to have suffered from severe mental illness. Also, Lennon lived in New York City and was more accessible than some of the other
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John Lennon is reported to have been worth eight hundred million dollars. He amassed this wealth through song writing, solo performances and his performances with the Beatles who were one of the biggest bands of the sixties.
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