How Much Water Comes out of a Garden Hose?


How much water comes out of a garden hose depends on water pressure and the diameter of the hose. An average garden hose is about 5/8 inches in diameter and water flows at 17 gallons per minute at normal pressure. Knowing the flow of water through different hoses is helpful when selecting a hose for gardening.
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Let me try and give you a hint. There is something called fluid flow formula. You basically need to know the speed at which the water is flowing and (in this case) the hose length
1. Measure out a calibration rectangle on your lawn that is 10 feet wide and 20 feet long, using a 25-foot or longer tape measure. Drive stakes at each corner of the rectangle. Connect
A fire hose can withstand pressure between 100 to 300 psi. One
Then again you could figure the cubic feet within the pool and multiply by 7.48.the number of gallons of water in a cubic foot.
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The flow Rate of an average Garden Hose is 10 GPM. In more realistic situation, there are probably 50-100 ft of ¾ between the hose and water main. However ...
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