How much water do we waste?


Americans waste 7 billion gallons of drinkable water per day. Many homeowners do not realize that making simple changes to their daily routines can save much of the water that is being wasted.

In New Orleans alone, roughly 100,000 gallons of water were being wasted per day through leaks in pipes. Studies have shown that fixing leaks in pipes and cutting down on water usage can greatly decrease the amount of water that is wasted each year. Cutting down on the amount of time that an individual spends in the shower by just a few minutes and turning off the water while brushing teeth can result in substantial savings in the amount of water used.

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The amount of water wasted a day is 100 gallons of water, which translates to 8000 gallons wasted in a year. The most amount of water usage is when flushing the ...
Six litres of water per minute is the amount of water wasted while brushing teeth. Turning the off tap when brushing teeth can save 12 to 18 litres of water. ...
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