How much water does a camel drink?


Depending on their needs, camels can drink up to 114 liters of water in a 10-minute sitting. If fresh water is unavailable, they may drink salty or brackish water. However, during the winter, only their food provides water.

Camels can go several days without drinking. Once water becomes available, they drink only to replenish what they lost. However, camels do not store water in their humps. These structures hold up to 36 kilograms of fat and are energy reserves in case of a food shortage. Thus, when a camel does not eat, it begins to metabolizes the fat, and its hump shrinks and becomes flabby.

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A Bactrian camel can weigh between 1320 and 2200 pounds and lives in the Gobi Desert. The Dromedary camel can weigh between 900-1400 pounds and lives in the Arabian desert.
It depends on how long they haven't eaten or drinken.
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A camel can go without water for days or even months. However, a large, thirsty camel
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