How Much Water Does a Camel Drink?


The camel can go without water for a few days or even months. The amount of water they will drink, will depend on the time of year. A thirsty camel can drink, 200 liters of water in one day.
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Camels drink different amounts of water depending on the season. Many camels will go all winter without drinking a single drop of water. In the summer they can drink as much as 200
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The camel's hump stores fat that is used as food when there is none available. The camel's hump does not hold water at all. If the camel uses the fat stored in its hump, the hump
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In one drink, a camel can consume 100 to 150 liters or 26 to 40 gallons. They have special shaped red blood cells to withstand the high amount of water they drink ...
Apparently, camels do not store water in their hump. However, they are capable of drinking 60 litres of water in one sitting. The hump stores fat which is later ...
Determining how many gallons of water a camel can drink first depends on the camel size. Depending on the size of the camel, the camel can drink up to 200 liters ...
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