How Much Water Does a King Size Waterbed Hold?


A king sized waterbed holds approximately 248 gallons of water. This equals to about 2071 pounds. A standard king sized waterbed mattress measures 72' x 84'.
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A KING size waterbed holds about 180 gallons of water
King sized waterbed sheets can be purchased in a number of different places. Stores that specialize in bedding and beds will carry them. They are also available on websites such as
This obviously depends on the size of your waterbed. My queen sized bed hold around 185 gallons. I checked online for you about a king sized bed and they generally hold around 250
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If you want to know how much water is in a water bed, that will depend on the bed. If it's a king or queen size, the average water bed can hold up to 200 gallons ...
A king sized water bed is estimated to be able to hold between 135 and 140 gallons of water. However, it depends on the thickness of the water beds. Some can even ...
A standard king size waterbed holds about 220 gallons of water. It's much easier to get a water hose in order to fill the bed, and make sure to check for leaks ...
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