How Much Water Does Corn Need to Grow?


How much water it takes for the corn to grow depends on the soil and the weather where they are planted. On average, an acre of corn will need 350,000 gallons of water to grow. It will take this acre of corn 100 days to grow. If you do not receive much rain during the growing season, you will need to water the field yourself. Each corn stalk will produce two to four ears of corn.
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I am from the country and corn grows in just about everybody's front or back yard. But, corn grows best in warm, sunny places where there is not a lot of moisture.
It varies depending on how much natural precipitation is available, but in the driest parts of the US, a good corn crop can still be harvested from 6,000 gallons of water per bushel
1. Prepare your planting site. Corn should be grown in rows with access to full sun. If you're planting in a greenhouse, use one that has clear glass for sun exposure, and keep the
1 Ensure you have rich soil with adequate moisture and nitrogen. Ad 2 Add a fertilizer or compost mixture to your soil if necessary. Manure often works well when mixed into the dirt
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