How Much Water Does It Take to Drown Someone?


It does not take much water for drowning to occur. A person can drown in only a few inches of water if they are not able to get access to air. This is why you should always monitor small children while they are in the tub, because even if there is not much water, the risk is still there.
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1. Reach. This method works best for a pool, if somebody falls off a dock or is relatively close to shore. Bracing yourself firmly you can offer the victim a pool pole, an oar, paddle
If they are still alive, do the same thing that you would do if they were choking- Heimlech manuever. Be careful, though. If they are dead- I don't think that it would matter.
People can drown in as little as 2 inches of water. Thanks
If he didn't roll her up and drop her in a lake or pool or something he probably water-boarded her. If the rug was over her face and he pored water on it she wouldn't be able to breath
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