How Much Water Should a Cat Drink?


The amount of water required by a cat will totally depend on the diet the cat is on. A cat on an all-dry food diet would need more supplemental drinking water than a cat on an exclusive raw or canned food diet. Likewise, a cat on a combination of dry and canned food also needs more drinking water. Generally, an average cat requires approximately 60-80ml of water per Kilogram of body weight, depending on the weather and how active the cat is.
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How much water cats need partly depends on what kind of food they eat. Cats which eat dry food only will need more water than cats whose main diet is wet food. For dry food-only cats
About a small bowl made for cats and sometimes if the cat is in good health conditions then it also could be givin milk.
As you go about your normal activities, you lose water through urine and sweat, and even through your breath. In hot, humid months you lose more water than in colder, dry months.
Lots of factors here. How far are you going? How hot is it going to be? Are you in shape? Lots of people recommend one gallon per person per day. That's probably not enough in
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There is no set amount of water a cat should drink in a day. They will drink when they are thirsty. Leave fresh water out and the cat will help itself when it wants to.
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